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32 Frames Stats
32 Frames logo
Record Labels: Revelation
Started By:
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: Furnace Fest / CBGB's for CMJ / SXSW thousands
First show:  ?
Last show: 7/31/2003 - Adele Collins benefit @ Riot Skatepark.
Reunion show: November 27, 2009 (cancer benefit)
Number of Members:


Previously known as Sunday Evening Dinner Club. Melodic hardcore that did at least one national tour.

Coming out of Louisville, Kentucky, Thirty-Two Frames bursts onto the scene with their debut EP on Revelation Records. Once just a side project for former Elliott guitarist, Jay Palumbo, Thirty-Two Frames have become a full fledged rocking machine.

Thirty-Two Frames brings a breath of fresh air in a scene so filled with metal. Their debut ep is the perfect blend of hardcore ala Rites Of Spring or Verbal Assualt with a strong melodic approach comparable to Jawbreaker or Hot Water Music. Their songs will hit you like a rallying cry calling to the terminally bored, uninspired masses. This ep is a statement of resistance against all of that.

Time to forget the technical musical skills that keep people bitter, standing in the back of the room with arms folded, muttering about how passé all this yelling and screaming is... a horse that died in the mid-eighties, stinking up basements and VFW halls everywhere. Thirty-Two Frames have not overlooked the great power and enjoyment that can come simply from a less controlled expression. They can laugh at so called musicianship, unconcerned. They will help you rediscover things you've long since forgotten. So get ready to wake yourselves. - Rise Records


Played & toured with :7 Seconds, Strike Anywhere, Hatebreed, Andrew W.K., Christiansen, My Chemical Romance, Garrison, Time in Malta, Ettison Clio, Black Cross, Kill Your Idols, Reach the Sky, Strech Arm Strong, Curl Up and Die, Nine Lives, many more.



  • Revelation Records 2004 Collection
  • Revelation Records 115