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Held in 1999 at the 540, this fest was to be a three-day affair, with an art show alongside the whole thing. Because of a lack of communication, this turned out to be the end of the 540. An acrticle had ran in the Courier Journal the first day of the show, and this was the start of much speculation and rumor over just why the club closed it's doors.
After seeing the article, the landlord preceeded to freak out (due to complaints from surrounding tenats), as did the fire marshall. The article made it sound like the Quadrangle, where the 540 was located, was going to be swarmed by at least a 1000 kids (this was due to the crowds that had recently attended Krazy Fest. They didn't like this at all, and showed up friday afternoon after one band had played, and shut the show down. The club had yet to secure all necessairy permits to function in Southern Indiana as a venue. The Fire Marshall spoke with the club operators, and was willing to work with them to get all the permits in place. After much debate, the operators decided to close the club doors for good (this is another story in and of itself). So within moments of being shut down, the hunt was on to find a new spot for the rest of the weekend (not to mention that night).
A somewhat-savior happened to pop up in Pandamonium, who had been open for a short while on Bardstown Road in Louisville, and where a few shows had already happened. They agreed to host that night's show, and everything was moved. But after an argument over money, Pandamonium ended up sending the mess off to find new housing yet again. Saturday ended up happening in an old Pig Slaughtering barn being Corey Lyon's dad's house in New Albany, IN, and the third night saw Mike Harpring's house as the home of the "fest".

When the idea for a second year of the fest was brought forth, The Brycc House was open, and the fest was moved there and renamed InFESTed.

Started at the 540, ended up at Pandamonium

ended up at Corey Lyons' house in IN

ended up at Mike Harpring's house on Blvd. Napoleon

Art Show Entrants