624 E. Breckinridge St.

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A shotgun house inhabited conistently by Nathan Hall, and a revolving door of others. Held shows from the late summer of 2003 unitl late summer 2004. The shows were originally in the attic. After the ceiling began to show signs of collapse, the shows were moved to the front room of the house. each fit a maximum of perhaps 15-20 people and a band confortably, with shows usually drawing many more, imagine moshing in a sauna because there wasn't much difference. This created what some would call an "exciting atmosphere". Some of those shows were fucking bat-shit insane. Epic parties usually happened during and after shows.

People who lived there:

Nathan Hall

Doug Walker

Jake Gray



Bands that played there:



Kodan Armada

The Heat

Mobile Feast Utopia

Ten To Midnight