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953 was a short-lived venue (short lived as a publicized venue that is) during 2003 that was space to various recording studios before, during, and after it's time as a venue. The "953" referred to the fact that the address was 953 Clay Street.

During the time in 2003 that it was operated as a venue, it became very popular, which is a reason for it's demise. the people living in the warehouse were getting sick of people in their space and having to watch the door, etc.. A couple of months before shows ended, the mass of people and movement of equipment had worn a hole in the floor... after tons of shows and tons of people walking on the spot, it eventually gave way, sending all kinds of debris into the apartment below the show space. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the landlord quickly put an end to the festivities, and shows were moved to the Sleep Chamber.

It had been doing shows since late 1998 or early 1999 as the Elliott guys were (all?) living there, practicing and recording, and used to be called "The Elliott Warehouse" by many. They also were doing pretty regular art shows and music shows and often combining the two with folks like Thomas Delisle and Michael Ratterman heading up the organizational front. One of the first musical events was The Aasee Lake playing there. A pretty raucous Halloween Eve show with an estimated 800 folks dressed up having a nice time saw the cops busting the party during the Parlour set.

At some point in early 2003 all the Elliot guys had moved out and the space changed hands to some old roommates of mine headed by Jesse Hargis who had recently taken an interest in recording bands. It was then that the above description took place in a short lived run as a more advertised 'venue' began.

Bands to play there: