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Alderon. 1993-1997.

Jesse Travis Simpson- guitar.

Daniel Lynwood Cottner- drums.

David Walker Mancini- bass.

Creations- 12 Song CD, and a few earlier rougher demos of the same songs.

Songs -

-A mosh -Rush -Cyclops -A minor -Clouds -Dracula -X-tacy -Castles -Run -da-da-da-da-da-da -Original -Collage

Alderon was formed while the unification of prior friends (dan and dave from the east side, middletown) conjoined with the talents of jesse (southside), whilst dave and jesse met as freshman at dupont manual high, and dan was a sophomore. A fabulous trio of instrumentalists, the dozen songs took the listener for a colorful rushlike ride with a young and fresh intricate feel. the arrangements and song structures were fairly complex with usually either very happy or very depresso conveyings. no lyrics. Ranging from hard patient (usually in the scale of minor) metal (cyclops, dracula) to flighty soft entrancements (collage, clouds), some songs epics in character, and a more darker and forgotten display of louisville street talent applies really to the whole album. songs that tell small tales. worth listening or owming but virtually unattainable unless you contact dave or jesse.