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Aron Conaway is a Graduate Student at the University of Louisville in Critical and Curatorial Studies and is teaching there as a Graduate Assistant (also earnes a BFA in photography in 2001). He is currently compiling an archive of materials from Louisville Punk and Underground music history at the Special Collections Archives at UofL. He is an artist, working mostly in sculpture, videography, photography, web design and drawing. A former founding member of the LAVA House (Louisville Assembly of Vanguard Art), he works in the Community Arts, in the local art gallery network and has worked on the initiation of a ‘Percent for Art’ program in Louisville. He works full time at St. Joseph Children’s Home as a Residential Youth Worker and is co-owner of Nelligan Hall - North End Social Club, a non-profit meeting hall and venue for events in the historic Portland Neighborhood.

Aron joined the Brick House Radio Collective in May of 2005 to get WXBH off the ground and has since been elected to the Board of Directors. His interest in the WXBH’s success lies in giving a voice to Louisville’s unique and highly creative culture. He wants the station to promote our music, art and perspective locally and to the world. Aron works to diversify the voices that have access to the airwaves. His participation in the radio collective includes web design, graphic design, organizing and generally putting in time with the group to ensure the success of the project.