Brainz Out

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Brainz Out Stats
Brainzout logo.jpg
Record Labels: N/A
Started By: Dylan Smither, AJ, Chris Lenhart, Aaron Osbourne
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: N/A
First show: May 2005
Last show: July, 2005
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 5

Based out of Louisville, KY. Five kids in a band just trying to have fun and speak their minds.

The band broke up in May of 2005 after the release of "Terminally Chill" only to reunite barely 3 weeks later to record their second record and play more shows. This lasted only a short while, as the reformation saw Asian Man Chris leaving the band, and Aaron O. thinking about it. Not long after he finally did quit in July, Nate moved back to Pennsylvania and AJ moved to Florida for school; this ending the controvesy-ridden band once and for all (see discussion section for examples).

First Lineup: (March 2005-June 2005)

Second Lineup: (June '05-present)

Fill-in member:



  • None


  • None


L to R: Cam, AJ, Nate, Aaron, Dylan