Breather Resist

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Breather Resist Stats
Breather Resist logo
Record Labels: King Of All Monsters, Initial, Deathwish, Jade Tree
Started By: Steve Sindoni Evan Patterson
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 600+ people
Last show:  ?
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 4

One of the leading names in heavy music. Breather Resist started after the breakup of Abscise in 2002, and within months was redefining Louisville defininition of "deafening" along with brother band Black Cross. Not wasting much time, the band set up tours and lined up their first release on Deathwish Records. The record, Only In The Morning, was well recieved not only in Louisville, but across the country. By the time in 2004 that Charmer was ready to be released, the band had criss-crossed the country several times on different tours, some of which were with another Patterson band - Coliseum. Charmer came out on Jade Tree Records, and was well recieved, sparking quite the buzz around town. The non-locals loved it as well, with several good reviews popping up in magazines and websites across the country. In late 2005, as a tour with Zombi and several others was being planned, the band parted ways with vocalist Sindoni (see band's statement on Louisville Hardcore's Scene Reports blog). This left the band regrouping and dividing vocal parts between Nick and Evan, and a slew of new songs being prepared in anticipation of more touring and new recordings.



'First Lineup:

'Second Lineup:



  • Death Comes Ripping - 2005 Deathwish label sampler (Just Do It)


  • Tons of it
  • Black shirts w/ very large red breather on front
  • shirts w/ weird tiger thing on them + band name on front