Brother Doubt

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Brother Doubt Stats
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Record Labels: Self-released
Started By: Jack A Dull Boy & Redhanded
Based In: Louisville
First show: Crazy Feast
Largest show: ~150
Last show: April 2, 2010
Number of Members: 5

At the end of 2007 the members of Jack A Dull Boy and the remaining members of Redhanded agreed to merge to form Brother Doubt. (This website is not large enough to contain all of the rejected potential band names that were eventually discarded in favor of this one.) Their first show was at Crazy Feast and songs from both previous bands were performed. Jared Manning (vocalist) dropped out during a hiatus in early 2008 when the band was without a practice space. Gary Caprara Jr dropped out in late 2008 due to scheduling conflicts. The band remains on good terms with both of these handsome gentlemen.

The band recorded an album's worth of older material in 2008 that may never see the light of day. An album's worth of newer material was recorded in 2009 with studio.k and was released on August 21, 2009 as The Double Greatest.

Defying everyone's expectations, including their own, Brother Doubt won the first round of a so-called "Battle of the Bands" at Dixie Wick's on December 12 2008. Of course they failed to with the final round in January 2009.

The band had a ridiculous tendency to dress up in costumes and have shows involving free food, drinks, and medieval weaponry.

In 2010 the band decided to call it quits. Bryan, Mike and Lee were all planning to move out of town, and everyone agreed that they wanted to move in separate musical directions. They're all still good friends though, in case you care about that sort of thing.

The last show was held on April 2, 2010 at Skull Alley with The New Mexico, Xerxes, and Mountain Asleep. Free crap was thrown at the audience and a full-size upright piano was chopped into pieces with an axe. There was free root beer, free pizza, blood and Faygo: a fitting end for a fun band.



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