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Formed in November 2005 originally as a 6-piece, members described the band’s initial efforts as “loud, formless, industrial noise.” The name Bu Hao Ting is taken from a Mandarin slang term, meaning literally “ungood sound”.

After several line-up transformations, Bu Hao Ting emerged as a trio (guitarist Sean Gardner, bassist Willie Baumler, and drummer Pawl Schwartz) in January 2009 that drew from Industrial, Post-Hardcore, Experimental and Contemporary Classical influences to develop a playful, poly-stylistic, and aggressive instrumental form.

The original sextet (vocalist Anna Collins, guitarists Jack Pyles and Sean Gardner, bassist Jon Roller, keyboardist Thalen Hubble, and drummer Blake Lowery) recorded but never officially released an EP of four original songs, entitled “Etiquette”. However, following a brief tour through Tennessee and Alabama in July 2010, Bu Hao Ting recorded eleven tracks at Headbangingkillyourmama Music with engineer Chris Owens. Pervertigo was released 25 September, 2010.

Current Members:

Sean Gardner - Guitar

Willie Baumler - Bass

Pawl Schwartz - Drums

Former Members:

Blake Lowery - Drums

Thalen Hubble - Keyboards

Anna Collins - Vocals

Jon Roller - Bass

Jack Pyles - Guitar

Nadeem Siddiqui - Bass


Pervertigo released Sept 25th, 2010 (Ding Dong Records)