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'Camps Stats
Camps logo
Record Labels: none
Started By: Danny, Jake, Chubbs
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: Kodan Armada Last Show
First show: Oct. 7th, 2005 w/ Nixon, Asschapel @ The Brick House
Last show: Sept. 16th, 2006 @ Black Bear Lair w/ Zann(from Germany) Micah played guitar]]
Reunion show: Oct. 30th, 2010 @ The House Of Wax w/ Reading Group and tons of cover bands. Lineup: Danny, Jake P., Chubbs, Jake S., Bryan.
Number of Members: A million

We want S'More!
Former members of Dr. West, NRI and Equal And Ultra playing thrash along the lines of Capitalist Casualties crossed with Man Is The Bastard. With What Happens Next covers and a camping theme. Started in the summer of 2005 after the vocalist from Dr. West had enough, Chubbs jumped in full of gusto for the project and the band started getting tighter and playing faster. Before they played their first show however, they lost their bass player, and were forced to go bass-less for their first few shows. Shakes joined with much enthusiasm and played his first show with the band on October 21st, 2005, which also saw Bryan taking lots of pictures, shaking the crowd and tambourine and being (apparently) dubbed an honorary member.

During the last week of October 2005, the band recorded a demo, complete with campfire songs from Salute Your Shorts!. It was available at most shows (and later downloadable from their myspace page). After a few more shows they decided they needed another guitar player to fill out thier sound, so they adopted Jake Philley into the camps family. Finally, Jake moved to bass, played several shows, and the band broke up.

Several months later, a "real" last show/reunion show was planned, but band communication was rough, and Danny was replaced by Black Bear housemate Micah on guitar. Photos are linked below.

Members: Line-up 1

Line-up 2

Line-up 3 (current)


  • Micah


  • Demo CD (self released)


  • none as of yet, but you can wear a boy scout shirt to their shows

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