Cellophane Babies

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Started By: Will Allard and Elliot Cummings
Based In: Louisville
First show: As Bonzolettes: October 20, 2006 at Old Louisville Coffee
As Cellophane Babies: January 13th, 2007 at The Brick House with Redhanded, Eat This McKinley, The Welfares, Delay, and Goldstein
Last show: June 14, 2007 at Black Bear Lair with Attitude, Earthquake, I Rise, and Grimewar
Largest show: 100
Number of Members: 4

Aggressive, 4 piece, thrash attack often called "The Babies", "C Babes", or just "CB" by band members because everyone in the band hated the name. Songs were about having good times and living for the moment. Formed by Will Allard and Elliot Cummings in November 2006 after the death of The Bonzolettes. Came to an end in July 2007 with the birth of King Jr.


Line Up One (November 2006-March 2007)

Line Up Two (March 2007-July 2007)


Demo Sessions Demo CD (Self Released 2006)

Mean Machine Demo CD (Self Released 2007)

T-Shirt One: "Cellotar" in yellow/purple, light blue/pink, and gray/purple.

T-Shirt Two: Gorilla Biscuits ripoff logo with the letter "C" replacing the letter "G".