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Cerebellum Stats
Cerebellum logo
Record Labels: Slamdek Noise pollution
Started By:
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 400 people
Last show: June 1989
Reunion show: May 15, 2010
Number of Members: 6

Cerebellum is a band. Let’s not try and figure out what kind of band Cerebellum is, and just accept us for what we are - musicians with a cause. No labels tonight, or any night, please. We want you to accept the bands for what they are - bands. Enjoy them for what they are without ignoring their cause. Do not ignore. - Cerebellum flyer.

Formed after the dissolution of Spot, Able To Act, and Lead Pennies, this band sought to focus on making punk and hardcore in Louisville into a more intellegent experience and less of the tough, by-the-numbers punk/hardcore that was ever present across the country.

When the band called it quits, 2 members formed Crawdad, and the rest formed Crain.

There is a great little page about Cerebellum at http://www.parlour.net/Cerebellum, as well as there being the page from Slamdek A To Z online at http://www.slamdek.com/




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