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Cumloaf was born out of the demise of Nathan Smallwood's band Caravan and the Rick Peach/Hal Elliot duo The Shitheads in the year 1991. They played a form of primitive adolescent metal with an emphasis on going fishing and satan worship. The first lineup (as listed below) recorded Evil Bread with Hal singing and Chris Dulaney playing bass. Beefsmack was recorded two years later as a Peach/Smallwood/Fox trio. Cumloaf never played any shows but often "practiced" in front of their friends. Developing somewhat of a strange cult following that has even stretched as far as Japan, the 'Loaf's lore seems to be even bigger today despite having any recordings since the early '90s. This is probably largely due to The Melvins live cover of the Loaf favorite "Satan's Bible" during the mid '90s.