Dark Overlords Of The Universe

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DOOTU - 2005
Media: [1]
Record Labels:
Started By:
Based In: Louisville
Largest show:  ?
First show: N/A
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 4

Real good instrumental Metal more along the lines of Iron Maiden/3 Inches Of Blood than Slayer. well written and played.


Dark Overlords of the Universe is the result of what began as a joke between Sebastian Olea and Chris Ortega, who simply wanted to see if they could get people to take them seriously while playing epic metal dressed as midieval warriors, kings, wizards, knights, ect. They decided to form a band called Isildur's Bane which consisted of Chris on Drums, Sebastian on guitar and Adam Furjes on second guitar. They had no official bass player, but Anthony Fossaluzza filled in on bass when they played shows, which they did a total of about 3 times. I remember one show was Alex Macleod's house, and another was at a Lord of the Rings party. At this point the band practiced in a shed behind Adam's house called (the shed's name was really funny, but I can't remember it, I'll put it in when I do). The band then added Mike Pascal as full time bassist and moved to Mike's dad's airplain hanger, "The Hanger", which was about a 40 minute drive from Louisville, for practices. During this time Matt Jaha took an interest in the band, Adam Furjes lost interest, and the lineup became Chris on guitar, Sebastian on guitar, Mike on bass, and Matt on drums. This was the big turnaround point for the band. They decided that the music was actually kind of cool, and maybe they should take themselves more seriously. They quit wearing the costumes, began writing better music, and decided a change of this magnitude called for a new name, Dark Overlords of the Universe. The first EP was recorded at the Hangar by Anthony Fossoluzza in return for the overdue fees for his drum mics. In summer '05 the band did a SHORT tour with Fight Amputation from PA, and are currently working on material for their first full lenght to be out some time after now.




  • None


  • Jason Shirt
  • Doorway Sticker
  • Knight Shirt/Sweatshirt by Adam Furjes