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Desultory Stats
Desultory logo
Record Labels: Brightskull Records
Started By:  ?
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 200 people
First show: on Breckinridge St. w/Los Gatos Negros and Rune
Last show: at keswick w/nakatomi plaza, foxy shazam, and western transit on November 15th, 2006.
Number of Members: 7

Desultory was a crusty punk band that started playing out in early 2004, dropping vocalist Jamie Miller after their very first show. The band continued on, frequently playing at the Breckinridge St. punk house. Their pace slowed after a few months, and they started leaning more towards sludge, and added Shakes on bass. Once Jamie Prott left for tour with Kodan Armada during the summer though, the band simmered to a halt as Austin started playing with a death metal band called Anagnorisis.

However, as of August 2005, Desultory was back with a couple of new songs and a new vigor for playing shows. They played louder and harder than ever, eventually self-destructing in the beginning of 2006 after a show in lexington.the band imploded due to treatury and the end of austin and sarahs marriage,and the band played no final show.a demo was in the process of being recorded, but was never completed. Six months later, Sarah, Jamie, and Jacob practiced briefly with a new drummer and taught him some of the songs, playing an unannounced final two song set in Louisville in honor of Dylan Prott. The four of them will continue to play emotional crust together under a new name, but for all practical purposes Desultory is dead for real this time.sarah and jacob continued to play in manhatta,and austin moved on to focus on anagnorisis, panopticon,his anarchist black metal band and recently,plainwords,the political crust band.

Members: First Lineup:

Second Lineup:

Third Lineup:

Fourth Lineup:

"Final Lineup:


  • none


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  • Paperlust shirts
  • fuck god shirt
  • fuck bush shirt
  • limited button run featuring south park versions of 2nd lineup