Dr. West

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'Dr. West Stats
Dr. West logo
Record Labels: none
Started By: Danny, Jake and Adam
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 50+ people
First show: July 23rd, 2005 w/ Coliseum, and In Tongues
Last show: October 2nd, 2005 w/ Eat This McKinely, Latterman]
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: lots more than are listed here

Dr. West was four kids from Oldham County playing fast, thrashy and sloppy punk rock. They played five shows in the summer of 2005. Never playing more than 15 minutes a set, they often played up to 10 songs in that time. Most of those songs were about zombies, pizza, and destroying the universe, and at least one of them was a horribly ruined Bad Brains or Nerve Agents cover.

Hella good times, dude.

http://www.myspace.com/drwest (news/shows/mp3s)

Fans will want to check out Camps, who was started after the good Doctor's demise.



  • Demo CD/Cassette (self released) 2005


  • Wu-Tang Logo (very limited.. like 2 made)