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Enkindel Stats
Record Labels: Self Destruct, Better Days, Initial
Started By: Billy Halter, Mark Brickey, & Corey Roederer
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 1000+
First show: 1992
Last show:  ?
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 8

Enkindel was a long running hardcore band in the mid 1990s.

"Hey, it ain't slayer, but at least you can mosh to it" (from an Enkindel flyer) pretty much summed up the band. Their style was the characteristic "melodic hardcore" of the mid 90s with chugga-chugga guitars and a singer that sang/screamed (a little more of the former, a little less of the latter), but it also mixed in influences from their contemporaries such as Endpoint (with whom they shared a member), and Erchint (with whom they split a 7").

Around 1998, the band asked guitarist Billy Halter to leave, due to differences among the members. The band moved towards a much more punk rock sound, and decided to rename themselves The Enkindels. Please head over to the Enkindels entry to finish the story.

Members at one time or another:




  • Misfits rip-off... The illustration from the Misfit's Legacy of Brutality record on the back with "Enkindel" in the misfits typeface. Black shirts, white print?
  • Officially licensed product of punk rock - ripoff of the NBA logo
  • Enkindel oval logo shirts -green w/ white and yellow print. Front
  • Enkindel sticker