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A magazine produced sporadically between 1996 and 1999. The zine focused on a multitude of subjects, as submissions from the readers were heavily promoted. However, the unifying factor/voice in the magazine was a voice that screamed out about attacks on youth culture such as school uniform/mandatory ID initiatives; being comfortable in your own skin without resorting to being a fashionable sheep; interviews with local bands; anti-racist literature; promotions for local businesses and media; and everyday ramblings of a hyper-creative dork that really didn't care if anyone liked the magazine - he just wanted to make it to have something he made.

The magazine ran for 5 issues, with varying print runs each issue, due to the printing being paid for by Bryan using his lunch money instead of eating and stealing copies when he had the opportunity. Issues are far out of print, and should be destroyed on sight, says the former editor.



Interviews contained within: