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Ganthet Stats
Ganthet logo
Record Labels: Louisville Hardcore Records
Started By: Dylan Smither Josh Raff
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 400+ people
First show: August, 2003 w/ 32 Frames (Last show), Squarewell, Redhanded, 3 Nails, more @ Riot Skatepark
Last show: August, 2006
Reunion show: December 23rd, 2006 @ The Brick House
Number of Members: 5

Formed after the breakups of Dying For The Cause and Thrashasaurus Rex, this band found somewhat their own sound instead of finding inspiration in the sounds of their mosh-core or melodic emo radio-rock peers. Looking somewhat back - at fast, frenzied, straight forward hardcore - this band is looking to put fun and ideas towards the forefront of their shows, and not kickboxing to look tough or standing around wondering if your fellow show-goers think you are hot.

The band saw it's finale at the end of Summer, 2006. Josh was moving to Pittsburg for college (and had been busy with Crusher), the Smither brothers were involved in CZR, and Jared had started singing for Redhanded's latest incarnation. A reunion show took place in DEecmber, 2006 and there may be more in the future.

Original lineup:
May 2003 - June 2004

Lineup 2

Second Lineup:
June 2004-June 2005

In a basement - Nov. 5 2005

Third Lineup:
June 2004-Current




  • Buttons 1 - Judge hammers with the green lantern logo superimposed over the hammerheads w/ the band logo.
  • Buttons 2 - band name over a gold Fluer-de-lis. blue background
  • 1st shirts - grey and beige shirts w/ green lantern logo in green on the back and ganthet logo in brown on the front. Front | Back
  • Halloween 2004 shirts - Illustration from the Misfits' Legacy Of Brutality CD w/ text "Ganthet (with Big Jim)". Assorted colors. Front
  • Grey and Brown shirts w/ drawing of band by Jared w/ lettering by Bryan. 20 made total.