Half Seas Over

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In it's first incarnation, Half Seas Over was apparently a indie-ish band in the vein of Rodan. In it's second incarnation, HSO was a electrothrash dance-punk band. This configuration only played shows in Louisville for about a year and a half. The members moved to Portland, OR, breaking up soon after, assumably so one of the band members could join Tara Jane O'Neil's touring ensemble.

1st incarnation:(1995)

Aubree Bernier-Clarke

Kristina Davies

Michelle Brannon

and various drummers including: Tony Bailey, Jon Cook, Britt Walford + many more

2nd Incarnation:(2001)

Aubree Bernier-Clarke - Guitar/Vocals

Kristina Davies - Guitar/Vocals

Ryan Stearman - keyboards and drum machine

Third Incarnation: (2002)

same as 2nd but with Molly Bush on keyboards and drum machine


Two self-titled CD EPs

"Inside Pocket" 3" CD single