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If there is a problem with the history or you have questions, please feel free to contact us via the following:

Louisville Forums


  • Bryan V. --> bryan[a] (full time admin)
  • Lee F. --> lee[a] (occasional admin)
  • Jamie M. --> jamie[a] (occasional admin)
  • Thommy B. --> Thommy[a] (occasional admin)

If someone has written something about you that you don't like, tell the admins (if you can't get ahold of who wrote it) and they can take care of it as well as letting the originator know that high-school b.s. will not be allowed. Don't leave other crappy notes, say on your page, just because you didn't like what is written. Grow up.

If you are looking to contact someone in regards to any other section of the site, ie. show listings, current band listings, flyer archives, graffiti section, etc., an email to the addresses above will be ignored and deleted. Use the forums