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Lonesome Bears

Record Label Crackers and Cheese
Started By William Carpenter and Nick Linares
From Louisville
First show Waggener Highschool Homecoming Dance sometime in 2007
Last Show Amnesty of duPont Manual's Jamnesty benefit concert in 2008

Lonesome Bears:

Lonesome Bears was a short lived screamo band started by William Carpenter and Nick Linares in 2007. Cato Higdon, Zac Goldstein(former Fourth Grade Love Affair), and Logan Catron(former Bonzolettes) were also apart of the whole shabang. Confetti, balloons, dancing, smoke machines, and strobes all somehow made appearances from time to time. Zac left the band five months from the start. Five months and a few shows later they broke up.


William Carpenter : Guitar/Vocals

Cato Higdon: Guitar

Logan Catron: Bass

Nick Linares: Drums

Zac Goldstein: Keyboard/Vocals


People Walking on Hands EP