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The Righteous Wrongs

Record Label None
Started By Clyde Cassady, James Coates, Nathan Bentley and Gary Osborne
From Louisville
First show Third Street Dive W/Rifle
Last Show Not played yet.

The Righteous Wrongs:

The Righteous Wrongs were formed, primarily, by Clyde and James in the summer of 2010. One night at the Mag Bar, Clyde was talking to Nathan about the band he was in. Nathan mentioned to Clyde that he used to play bass back in Tucson (his hometown) and that he had tried playing here in Louisville but didn't have good results. Clyde invited him to come by and play with him and James. 

At first, they practiced with Gary, James' brother, to just get song patterns down. Gary was initially replced by Zac Gamage. During the winter of 2010, Zac left the band and was replaced (shortly) by Greg. 1 week before their first show, Greg was replaced by original drummer Gary. Since then, the band has been playing with Gary. 

Gary and Nathan are the oldest in the band - both 40 - and used to play in punk bands back in the old days. James - the youngest - has played in a few bands, off and on, throughout the years - primarily as a bassist. This is Clyde's first band.  


Clyde Cassady : Vocals

James Coates : Guitar/Backing Vocals

Nathan Bentley : Bass/Backing Vocals

Gary Osborne : Drums

Still in the starting stages of being a band, there are no releases.