Highlands Lowlife

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This magazine existed around 95-96 and focused on the punk and hardcore scene that, at the time, was way more centered around Louisville's Highlands/Bardstown Road neighborhood.

the magazine featured interviews with bands such as The Rainbow Girls and Litmus.


Issue 1

Interviews with Litmus, Hedge, and Kinghorse + reviews & rants. Local zines got reviewed; lengthy review of Earth Crisis/Guilt show.

Issue 2

Interviews w/ Duncan Barlow of Guilt, Endpoint, By The Grace Of God and Scott Ritcher of Metroschifter, Sunspring, Slamdek Records.

Issue 3

Interviews: The Rainbow Girls, Wino, and Out. Lots more reviews and articles. Special rant on grrrls in punk: "Less Silly Boys, More Girl Noise"