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Created by Dylan Chadwick of Elizabethtown in an attempt to get back at his 12th Grade English teacher for calling his writings "amateur" and "lacking real depth". History has it that once she told Dylan that his ideas were good, he was just being a bit too skimpy on the details. Almost as if his thoughts were watered down, written "in low carb" rather than with full gusto.

(Just a side note, Dylan went on to score a "distinguished" marking on his portfolio, attain college English credit for his scores on the English/Literature AP test and gain state-wide acclaim for the essays written. Right back atcha!)

Originally called "Epitomes in Low Carb", but later changed to just "In Low Carb" because everybody thought that Epitomes was pronounced EH-PI-TOHMS rather than E-PIT-OH-MEES. First issue was done on an inkjet printer and had a 50 copy run containing a review of the LARD album "The Last Temptation of Reid", some crude drawings of robots and a detailed instruction on how to turn off the emergency lights at your school with a credit card (titled "Project Blackout").

More and more zines were made, and a few interviews were collected over time including an interview with Ganthet's Dylan Smither and Wes Beach from Evansville Straight Edge band Straight and Alert (now called The Afterlife).

Lots of sharpie marker "Art", rants about anything and everything and even a few guest columns (my favorite was "Pentagrams and fasion: How Evil are You?" made by a kid in his high school drafting class).

Expect PDF versions of the archived zines in the near future, and keep your eyes peeled from issue seven, ILC's most ambitious work yet. Interviews with:

Internal Affairs

Hank Jones

Sinking Ships

The Tradition

Nothing Done

Scott Rumble (owner of Rumble Records) and tons more goodies!

An In Low Carbwebsite was created, as well as some buttons. Stickers are in the works.


Nintendo Guns

Misfits Rip Off

Ninja Turtles Spoof

Reservoir Dogs Rip Off