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The RANT Insomniacathon was a music, poetry and performance festival held sporadically/quasi-annually over the course of several years.

The first show was October 8th-10th in 1993, 54 hours straight. It featured over 90 poets and writers, and over 40 bands and musicians. It was held at "RANT's Moving Mystery Theatre", or the Thunderdome at the The Brewery.

Bands that played:

Insomniacathon flyer

Rodan, Crain, Endpoint, Drinking Woman, Scrawl, Cherub Scourge, Metropolitan Blues All Stars Duo, Chigger, Serial Heroes, Grayson Hall, Jimmy Raney & Jack Brengle, Women of Destruction, Lather, 10 Foot Pole, Blueberrys, Adena, Juanita, plunge, Tyrone Cotton, Danny Flanagan & Kelly Wilkinson, Reid Jahn, Slo Pok/Slow Pok, Bush League, Narrow Point, Enkindel, Catawampas, About Us, LG&E, Stick People, John Whitaker, John Robinson & Victor Simon, Dem Reggae Bon, Evergreen, Oval, Serpent Wisdom, Hollow Point, Strictly Wet, Avail, Murder Circle, Joey Mudd & The Pale Blue Star, Dreadful Lemon Sky, Eleven Eleven, Interplanetary Music Ensemble, Biff Banger, Judah Thornewill, Ninth Wave, Horace Bond, & "More More More (Poster Children? & ???)"

You can read the list of 90 poets and writers in the scan of the flyer.

Filmed by Dave Cambron and recorded by Steve Good.

There were at least a couple other such events before the last live one in 2001. There was an "on-line" Insomniacathon from Nov. 25th-New Years Day of 2004. (See link below)

The last event was in February of 2001, and was held concurrently between the old Brycc House and Twice Told coffeeshop, among several other locations, running a full week, literally non-stop.

Bands that played:

Fan list of MMJ's set at Insomniacathon

  • dozens and dozens of others

Other Performers:



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