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Invictus: Demo
record cover
Record Label: self released
Recorded: July 13-15 by Big Jim
Released: 1997
Out of Print: yes
Formats: cassette

Side A:

Side B:

This demo was recorded July 13-15 in Jim's basement studio in good old D.I.Y. fashion.
Produced by Jim Dzurovcak.
Layout by 2 Steps Forward
Photos by Moose, Backing vocals by the Unbreakable crew: Moose, Lee, thomas, Jim, Chris, John, and Justin.
All songs by XINVICTUSX - (c) Xinvictusx music

XInvictusX returns all mail so contact us for booking, info, or just for plain fun at
505 Jasper Lane
Mt. Washington, KY 40047
or email them at or call at (502)-351-0640

Thank List:
Jim: Ginger, Mom, Dad, & Drake Dzurovcak, Rob Jureczko, Lee Grant, Jeff Johns, Jenny Frailey, Julia Wilcyznski, Kevin Seconds, Steve Youth, and expecially Troy Mowat for all the fun and shirts, Adele Collins, Rob Pennington, Matt Young, April Booker, Mark Potts, Ivan Block, Chad Stroup, warcry, Porcell, Chris Bahr, Moose, Thomas, The rest of the band, Chicago sXe, Madison , Rhonda, Madox, Jason Johns, & Paul Sills (I still miss you)

Eric: First of all my love Mindy, who doesn't know how much I appreciate her, Chris Bahr for being my best friend now and when times were rough. The motherfuckin' xCourage Crewx, mt bandmates: Jon, Jim, Justin, Joshy, my family especially pops - I love you man. Mike XMoosex Straney, Thomas Koehler (Schister), Adele Collins, Sonya Pace, Benny Leach, Mike Pfost, Radcliff sXe, Esp. Billy K., Ahren P., Joe I., Scott A., Mike S., John S., x502x Crew, "True" Louisville sXe, Joe and Rob S., Evan P., Tara L., Jimmy C., tony V., Casey and Joey Headstall, Mark Brickey - The coolest Louisville rockstar, Tattoo Tray and Charity B. Lotus and B.C. Rich Guitars, Food Lion Cream Soda, Little debbie star crunches, Marks A Lot Markers, AC/DC, the Redneck Knife Crew, The Unbreakable Crew for supporting us, positive drug free youths, and you!

John: thanks in no particular order Mom, Dad & Family, xMoosex, xJackiex my love, Casey, Benny Leach, Courage Crew, Ohio Crew, Ron & Denny Fox, Radcliff sXe, Jon S., Joe I., tim H., Mike Strom, Ahren P., Scott A., Ugly Eddie, my bandmates: Jim, justin, Eric, Josh and road crew Thomas & Moose, Adele Collins and Sonya Pace, Rich Terry R.I.P.

Justin: i would like to thank my beautiful girlfriend Maggie Carpenter, John M., Jim D., Josh O., Eric Y., Chris B., Moose, Billy K., thomas K., Ahren P., Joe I., Scotty A, Jon S., Timmy H., and the rest of North Harden's finest, xCourage Crewx, Adele Collins & I Stand Alone 'zine, Sonya Pace, Big Mike, Headstall, Hatebreed, Battleground, Hatefield, Union, By The Grace Of God, Tara, Tony, Jimmy and the rest of E-Town straight edge, Everyone who has helped us in some way or another. I would especially like to thank Richard Terry, your memory will never be forgotten.

Josh: I'd like to thank God, my Dad for lugging all my crap, my mom for putting up with the countless hours of noise, the Radcliff Crew and all my true friends you know who you are.