Invictus:Never Forget Your Commitment

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Invictus: Never Forget Your Commitment
record cover
Record Label: Whitehouse Records
Recorded: studio tracks - March & June 1997 by Mike Baker @ DSL. Live songs recorded May 18, 1997 at Spark's in Louisville.
Released: 1997
Out of Print: yes
Formats: Cd

Track Listing:

Recorded March & June 1997 at DSL Studios in Louisville, KY
Engineered and mastered by Mike Baker.
produced by Mike Baker and Jim Dzurovcak
Cover, Band (ex. Justin & John) and back photos by Andy Cook.
Justin & John photos by Maggie Carpenter
CD & Back Booklet photos by Chris Bahr
Layouts & Management by 2 Steps Forward

Thanks To The Following:
Jim: Ginger for everything i need in life, rob Jureczko (my other brother), Jeff Johns, Adele Collins, Mom & Dad, Mark Potis, Jenny Frailey, Mel Gooch, Lee, John, Justin, eric, Chris Bahr, xMoosex, Duncan Barlow, Jay Palumbo, Thommy Edge, Rob Pennington, Jonathan Mobley, Tonya, Ed Lutz, Kevin & Steve Marvelli, trooy Mowa, The Sunday Afternoon Poprockit chat crew, Toby Morse, Tom Gann, Max Painstake, x502x Crew, Everyone I have ever played in a band with, Phil & Brian Onslaught, Courage Crew, Matt Chalkline, Sonya Pace, Thomas, People who make me smile, Brad Peterson, Julia Wilxzynski, Leaha Alt, Adam White, Mike Ski, Andy Cook, Jim grimes, Rusty, Denny Gray, Matt Young, Kelly Beckett, April Booker, Brian & Kyle Fuse 12, Pikeville SxE, & All people who continue to support us through buying our stuff, coming to see us where ever we play, & keeping us going with your kind words.
Justin: Tony Stand, John M., Eric Y., Michael Moose Straney, Jim D., Lee G., Courage Crew, Desperate Measures Crew, The Radcliff & E-Town Straight Edge kids & Hardcore supporters, O.G. Thomas Kohler, Craig & Melanie Thompson, Caren, Todd, Benny L., Mike A., Nate, Dustin, Doug, Ron, J.C., John Martin, & All my boys from Dayton & Eaton, OH, Ben Whodey, Chad, Dustin S., Johnny, Jeramiah, & all of the Columbus kids, my boy Tree, Mel, Brad, Billy, Mark F. & The Louisville Straight Edge, Dan Life Sentence & The SLC Straight Edge, Bob gutpunch, Tommy Rat, End Result, Fallback (x389x), Hatefield, Battlefround, No Other Way, Standard Issue (Jimmy, Joseph, John, & Chris), Counter Aggression, Onslaught, Mourning Star, Tradition, Headstall, By The Grace Of God, Earth Crisis, Trademark, Rick & 25 Ta Life, O.L.C., xChorusx, Slapshot, Agnostic Front, YOT, Judge, SSD, Minor Threat, Trial, Integrity, Floorpunch, Ensign, & Everyone who makes a positive contribution to the scene. xxx
John: Justin M., eric Y., Jim D., Lee G., XMooseX, Courage Crew, DMC, Radcliff & E-Town Sxe, The almighty Battleground, Ron & Denny, Benny, Denise, Ahren, Scott, jon, J.D., Sam, Mel Gooch, Eaton, Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati SXE, xThomas K.X, Caren, Craig & Melanie, Todd, Ben, Whodey, Chad P., Chad L., Dustin, Tree, Hays, Mike, Pikeville SXE, Adele, Sonya, Skinhead Dustin, All my boys in headstall, Jim S., Jimmy, Joseph, Chris, John Martin, 502 Crew, Nate, Mike, Willie, Denny, Tim H. Scott & Elane, Jermiah, Evan, Ryan, Pride Fanzine, Meghan & Lynn, Brandon A., Karen, Todd, Chocollama Crew, All the guys from Endeavor and Harvest, Counter Veil, BTGOG, Jerry, Adam & Sam, All the great bands we've played with, all the wonderful people we've met along the way & everyone who has supported us in one way or the other, we thank you for making this all possible.
Eric: Mindy for all her love & support, my bandmates, my family, Moose S., Evan P., Brandon A., Tony S., Terrell C., Jimmy & S.I., Dave Freehan, Denny G., Ryan P., The Mourning Star Boys, all my friends in E-Town, Tara L., Chelsie L., Aaron, gimpy & Christy at Queen of Hearts, Adele C., all my friends in Louisville, Ed L., Mike Ski, Dave Method, Every band that has inspired me & anyone I forgot.
Lee: Dad, mom, mandy, trey, todd F., xAdelex, xSonyax, Denny (studmuffin) grey, the XINVICTUSX music machine, xMooseX, Punk Rock, Jerry, Andy & Kim Crisis, The garrett family, Jim's wife Ginger for not killing us & all the free food, everyone who sets up shows, goes to shows, supports hardcore & or straight edge, and your parents for having a punk rock kid who bought this CD.

XINVICTUSX is : Lee Grant - Drums. eric young - gutar. Jim Dzurovcak - guitar. Justin Massie - bass. John Massie - vocals

Invictus: Never Forget Your Commitment
record cover
Record Label: Break Even Point (Italy)
Recorded By:
Released: 1998
Out of Print: yes
Formats: 12"