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Among the myriad bands birthed from the demise of The National Acrobat, Irina has played more than a few shows and recorded nearly fifteen songs in its short life. The band's only release, the EP "Opus 1," was recorded in 2001 with Will Hancock, and enjoyed a highly limited Kinkos-style release with a cover that suspiciously resembled the Beatles' self-titled masterpiece, commonly referred to as the "White Album." Irina songs have also appeared on various compilations, including twice on Louisville is for Lovers, both with and without Phil Stosberg as the band's drummer. Irina has recently reformed, after a two year hiatus spurred by Stosberg's decision to stop playing drums. Clearly, he has since reconsidered.

Irina will be playing shows this summer and will resume playing and writing music when Phil returns from Heidelberg, Germany in August 2006. As to the real lives of Bisig and George, the former is a tile contractor and drummer for the extraordinary Ronnie Mack & the I'll Beat Your Back Out Band, while the latter spends his days writing lavish and sometimes contemptable stories for, among other publications, LEO Weekly.

You can email the band at