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Lexington, KY is just over an hour away from downtown Louisville. Several bands from Louisville play there quite a bit.

Lexington, much like E-town, has been both a source and a haven for members of Louisville bands, including former member of The National Acrobat Phil Stosberg and former Kodan Armada and guitarist Adam Rains. Interesting fact: Bad Brains singer H.R. lived in Lexington for a brief stint in 1999. The city is known for a few punk and hardcore bands (The Hookers, Goldstein, NUN, Rubberband, etc.), but for the most part is known for a few early power violence bands in the time of Hellnation's heydays (Retribution, Disdain). Following the second wave of powerviolence new PV bands have been popping up (Nazimeatgrinder, Sick Machine, Ghetto Blaster). In the realm of Indie, Lexington has a rich and vibrant history. Lexington was the home of now defunct Elephant 6 Records, which released for Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Apples in Stereo, Beulah, Of Montreal, and many more. Lexington is currently home of Eugene records, a small DIY record label that releases records from the bands that play 21+ shows.



Record Labels

  • Eugene Records
  • Husk Records
  • Blood Red Cassettes
  • Reduce Records
  • Dogwhistle Records
  • Creeps Records


  • Eugene Zine


  • 806 Records
  • Short Street Lounge
  • Memorial Hall
  • The Icehouse
  • Charles Mansion
  • Born Mugged House
  • 319
  • Dockery's Plantation
  • The Wildcat Infoshop

Places of Interest

  • Tolly Ho
  • Asian Wind
  • Joe Bologna's
  • The Pita Pit
  • CD Central
  • Alfalfa's
  • Tonio's
  • University of Kentucky
  • Good Foods Coop
  • The Shame


Recurring Events