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Kinghorse Stats
Kinghorse logo
Record Labels: Self Destruct, Caroline, Slamdek
Started By: Mike Bucayu, Rat
Largest show: 1,500+ people
First show: May 21st, 1988
Last show (OG Lineup):  ?
Last show (other Lineup):  ?
Number of Members: 5

With the split up of Maurice, Britt Walford and Dave Pajo went on to form Slint, Mike Bucayu and Sean Garrison went to form Kinghorse, originally practicing with guitarist Alex Durig of the Endtables before landing with their local guitar hero Mark Abromavage. It is rumored that the name "Kinghorse" was drawn out of a hat that contained a handful of other possible names, including "Rumpledforeskin." According to Sean, the name comes from a classic Elvis Costello tune.

A confluence of members of Maurice, Solution Unknown, Malignant Growth/Fading Out, Kinghorse dominated Louisville, forcing the art rockers to hang out with the south end metal kids who were forced to hang out with the straight edge kids who were forced to hang out with psuedo-hippies, and everyone had to forget their own snobbishness and simply bow to the 'horse.

The original incarnation of the band produced 2 successful 7"s & the Glenn Danzig.. er.. s/t record on Caroline Records, as well as enjoying some touring (and massive waves of pranks that stomp a hole in the ass of your silly little Bam Margera & his "CKY" videos).

L to R: Kevin, Mark, Sean, Mike
The second incarnation brought together everyone but Bucayu, who seemingly had little to no interest in the reformation. So Sean brought in Jerry, who he found playing around in the Doo Wop Shop one afternoon. The reformed lineup supported the "Too Far Gone" Cd on Slamdek, and recorded/debuted several new original songs, one of the best being "Thief", but sadly never had any of the material released before a second breakup, other than MP3s being available on the Kinghorse Tribute Page.

Original Lineup:

Reformation Lineup:



  • ?

Kinghorse shirts.jpg Kinghorse shirts2.jpg

  • Awaken - eyeball in the center w/ band logo above and text "Awaken" below the eye.
  • Kick It Over - Front / Back.

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