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In Hardcore Punk, ³comp² is short for compilation, which is when more than three bands appear on one record, cassette, or CD. Comps are pretty common, as it is a way to easily get out multiple bands music to a huge amount of kids. Most larger labels put out one close to every summer for all the Fests (what's a fest? see below). One example of a comp is the ³Summer 2004² comp on Bridge Nine Records. (You know, the one with Champion, Stand and Fight, and Outbreak to name a few. In reality though, because this comp is just a showcase of 1 label's bands, it's technically a "Sampler") Comps can have all kinds of different themes, which is what makes them so exciting. For example there¹s a comp from here in Louisville released on Noise Pollution Records titled ³In Native Soil² that features all Louisville bands. Another example is the recently released ³Sailin' On² CD on Louisville Lip Records with the theme of all the bands playing songs about relationships gone awry