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DIY stands for Do It Yourself. It¹s a phrase you should familiarize yourself with because it can come in handy during everyday conversation as well as within the parameters of our scene. An example scenewise is calling an independent label a DIY label because most labels start as a result of wanting to do things their way instead of playing by the steadfast rules of the establishment, or more precisely, the record industry. Some bands swear by this method so they can have complete control over all aspects of their releases, instead of succumbing to the man. The most famous example is the band Fugazi who runs their own label, Dischord Records and can sell hundreds of thousands of copies of their own records on their own terms, such as keeping prices low on the retail level. As far as the real world is concerned, when your Dad fixes the toilet instead of calling the plumber he¹s being DIY, dude. Go tell your Dad that you¹re DIY like him, and then ask him if you can borrow his car to go to the Ganthet show