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The term emo is short for emotion and is now commonly used to describe a particular genre of music who¹s roots are post hardcore. It¹s sort of misleading to call any music emo, when everybody knows that emotion is in fact inherent in all forms and types of music. As for today when people use the term emo to describe music they¹re usually referring to bands that have a sound derived from the band Sunny Day Real Estate (although technically, Rites Of Spring is considered by many to be the first "Emo" band). Today, if you look at SHIT like MTV (or some of the new Equal Vision/Vagrant/Drive Through records bands), when people use the term emo it is nothing more than a feeble attempt by major labels to cash in on another underground movement that has is being bastardized by ³the man.² Lots of douchebags subscribe to emo and make it VERY fashionable (a bulk of which is due to MTV's influence) because they think that acting like they are sensitive and shit will get them laid. It's the trend of the moment, just as Straight Edge hardcore was in the late 80s/early 90s