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The MAXIMUM/minimum thing was started at a housewarming party in 2004 for Shakes, Jamie Prott, and Cory Popp. At some point during the party, Ryan Patterson remarked that he should be called "Maximum" Patterson, and that Matt Jaha (his cousin) was "Minimum" Patterson. The joke went off the deep end, and has been applied to everything from the Maximum Louisville Tour and Maximum Kickball to Maximum Louisville Radio.

The official spokesperson of all things MAXIMUM is Tom Selleck.


Edit... The "Maximum" thing was started by Marc Fulkerson at Skyline Chili... After talking about funny names to give children, Marc said he'd like to call a kid Max, short for Maximum. We all laughed while saying things like "Maximum Fulkerson" or "Maximum Patterson." At the aforementioned party, myself and various other people (including most of the members of Kodan Armada) made jokes about how Louisville bands could say things were "maximum" rather than "awesome" or any other such term. We all laughed about the idea of a bunch of people yelling "maximum" at bands at a show. From there, it became the title of a tour with Breather Resist, Kodan Armada, Coliseum & Lords, the title of Coliseum / Lords split 7", a other random things as mentioned above.

From what I could gather via messageboard posts, "Minimum" was picked up by some people as the antithesis of "Maximum."

I did not invent the maximum idea in this context, nor did it have anything to do with Matt Jaha and I being max/min. Just a joke that went along for a while and helped some people to feel like they were a part of something, and made others feel like they were being excluded. After a while, it just kind of died out.

- Ryan Patterson 6/8/06