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Vegetarian (Vegetarianism) is an ideology based around the idea of not eating meat, living healthier, and thinking through the substances that are put into your body.


Why would someone be Vegetarian?

Well... there are many reasons...

-environmental concerns -health -animal rights -compassionate living -as a fad (as bad as that sounds)

I hear that being Vegetarian is not really healthy at all

It depends on how one goes about it. Usually, this "argument" is just a "justification" from a carnivore about why they eat meat and why everyone should. Of course, subsiding off of snickers, taco bell, and ice cream isn't healthy, but it has the potential of being MUCH healthier than eatin' meat.

What are some common Vegetarian bands?

If a 'vegetarian band' was defined by a band that has songs about being vegetarian or vegetarian information/links on their websites....

Transcend, Earth Crisis, Kill Your Idols, Man Versus God (pre-Beanie), Raid, Vegan Reich, Moby, Propagandhi, Rise Against, Goldfinger (refused to do a song for Proctor and Gamble because of Animal Testing), Terror, The Blood Brothers, Ganthet, Q and not U, Good Charolette

and I'm sure there are tons more.... but this is just an example. Vegetarians are everywhere, not just in punk/hardcore.

What's this "Veganism" thing?

Veganism is a much more devoted, intense level of Vegetarianism. Please refer to the Louisville Hardcore history article on being Vegan for more information.

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