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before the days of Compact Discs (CD's), all punk and hardcore bands put out either tapes or records. records are circular pieces or vinyl with special grooves that a needle reads and music comes out. some bands still put out record versions of recordings. some people collect records of bands because older records are out of press and hard to find, or "rare".

record terms:

  • colored vinyl - some records are colored. default theyre black, but they can come in all colors of the rainbow.
  • test press - when a record is done being mixed and mastered, a few preliminary copies are made for the band to hear how it came out. if accepted, the vinyl plant continues with pressing, if rejected, they try again. these records are extremely rare because so few are made, 3 by default.
  • different pressings - many different terms, obvious ones. such as first pressing, tour press, release show press, etc.
  • picture disc - think of colored vinyl, but more detailed. these actually have pictures on the vinyl.