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Lousiville Babylon Stats
record cover
Record Label: Analog Distillery
Recorded By: various. see below.
Released: October, 1994
Out of Print: yes
Formats: cassette - 500 printed

This was THE Louisville Misfits covers compilation, re-released in October 2007 by the Louisville is for Lovers label.

Track Listing:

Everyone's got to go back to their roots at one time or another. Well, it's about time for Louisville to acknowledge it's punk rock heritage. So the folks here at the Analog Distillery thought, "What better way to pay homage to the ideals of punk rock than to produce a compilation of local bands covering songs by the Misfits?" Why not? Most everyone in these bands has at least heard of the Misfits. Many have been devout followers and some still are. With that we decided to release a cassette of bands covering their favorite Misfit songs, each performed in the manner that they saw fit. As far as style is concerned, most of these songs are considerably different than their original counterparts. It ranges from techno to dance to pop to noise to old fashioned punk. The sound comes full circle. Remember, there are no Distillery employees on their tape. We aren't doing this for recognition or self-promotion. We're doing it for the appreciation of the bands, including the Misfits, that have helped us to develop our own individual tastes.

Digitally mastered at Outer Limits on 7/21/94 by Herb Simrall.

Cover image by Ben Chang & Brett Muzzey.

Layout by Kelly Nichols.

Thanks to Scott Ritcher, Herb Simrall, Tim Furnish, Steve Duran, Kevin Coultas, Ben Chang, Brett Muzzey, Susan Baker, Krista Loeffler, Drew Wilson, Hank Baker, Kelly Nichols, the bands involved, and Glenn Danzig.

call now! order additional copies of this cassette! [redacted]

Sunspring "Where Eagles Dare" - Scott Ritcher, Jason Thompson, Carrie Osbourne, Matt Ronay, John Weiss. Recorded at Slamdek in September '93 by Scott Ritcher.

Crunchy Cereal - "London Dungeon" - Steve Durn, Kirk Yates, Brock Yates, Bryan Smith. Recorded at DSL on 10.1.93 by Mike Baker.

Endpoint "Attitude" - Rob Pennington, Duncan Barlow, Kyle Noltemeyer, Chad Castetter, Lee Fetzer. Recorded at Mom's in early fall of '92 by Howie Gano (previously released on the Idiots 7")

Plunge "Death Comes Ripping" - Evan Bailey, Eric Stephenson, Chad Johnson, Sean Bailey. Recorded at Outer Limits in spring '94 by Herb Simrall.

cherub Scourge]] "Nike A Go Go" - Brent Starkey, Rankin Mapother, Dave Higes, Jamie Lieb. Recorded at DSL on 3/12/94 by Mike Baker.

Content Zero "Last Caress" - Ben Chang, Brett Muzzy, Natalie Axton, Stephanie Keown. Recorded at Tohmnei Goraha Studios in spring '94 by Ben Chang. (previously released on their self-titled cassette)

Crain "Teenagers From Mars" - Jon Cook, Tim Furnish, Todd Cook, Drew Daniel. Recorded at the Rocket House on 7/16/94 by Jon Cook.

Leafpile "Twenty Eyes" - Joel Hunt, Jesse Lebus, Recorded at the Rocket House in November '93 by Jason Lowenstein

Deadline "Return of the fly" - Jay Listein, Matt Evans, Eric Baldwin, Tom Haile. Recorded at Outer Limits on 5/6/94 by Herb Simrall.

Da Yodelin' Taxidermist "Skulls" - Jeremy Podgursky. Recorded at Jeremy's house on 7/19/94 by Jeremy Podgursky.

Hula Hoop - "Twenty Eyes" - Eric Stoess, Rachel Grimes, Chukka Geisler, Stephen Jones. Recorded at Haunted 8 Studios on 10/31/93 by Wardie Kidwell & Jaybird.

Falling Forward "She" - Ben Lord, Chris Higdon, Benyn Clark, Jonathan Mobley, Gary Bell. Recorded at Ben's House in January '94 by Falling Forward.

Slate "Die Die My Darling" - Mike Konrad. Recorded at Mike's house in December '93 by Mike Konrad.

LG&E "Some Kinda Hate" - Duncan Barlow, Scott Ritcher, Chad Castetter. Recorded at Slamdek in october '93 by LG&E. (originally released on their cassette "No.28")

84 Lumber "Mommy, Can I go out & kill tonight?" - boyd McGinnis, Nathan Shumaker, Rick Redman, Matt Sanford. Recorded in Brantley's room in May '94 by Bill Stevens.

Slo-pok"Night Of The Living dead" - Alex Charland, Cassie Marret, Lance Minnis, Drew Smith. recorded at DSL in spring '94 by Mike Baker.

Rodan "Who Killed Marilyn?" - Jeffery Mueller, Tara Jane O'Neill. Recorded at the Rocket House in April '94 by Jeffery Mueller & Tara Jane O'Neil.

Hedge "Halloween" - Ryan Stratton, Greg Livingston, Dave Bird, Brian Eisery. Recorded at Outer Limits in February '94 by Herb Simrall. (previously released on their self titled cassette)

Gravelblind "devilock" - Lee Fetzer, Kley Welsh, Brandon Ayers, Mike Campbell, Zach Dorsett. Recorded at Outer Limits on 5/25/94 by Herb Simrall.

Gyotaku "Horror Hotel" - Noel Hawkins, Chris Wunderich, Chea Beckloy, John King, Matt Button. Recorded live at Highland Grounds on 2/28/94.

All songs written and originally performed by the Misfits.

Last Minute Update:... a new band, Munsen, has been added to "Louisville babylon", covering a unique medley of "Braineaters" and "Teenagers From Mars". unfortunantly, only a portion of the track appears due to limited space. Little is known about this band, other than the line-up and the title:

Munsen "Braineaters From Mars" - The Gimp:left guitar, vocals, vomit. Buger Lompson: right guitar. Ozzie DuWetzel: guest percussionist.

Also due to scheduling difficulties, Pulse did not appear with their rendition of "London Dungeon". We offor our apologies to Michel and the gang and we still think that Pulse is smokin'. Check out their single on Three Little Girls; it rocks. Otherwise, have a nice day, and write/call if you feel the need to.


Cassette Side A
Cassette Side B