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The Louisville Music index was a long-running website that hosted information on upcoming shows, information on venues and bands, and had snippets of information/rumors about local bands...

The site started off at the Louisville show page at http://members.tripod.com/~Lville and run by Amanda Moore. She lasted around 6-8 months before turning the site over to some other kids.

The site was run primarily by Mike Giralico and Allison Cooke (hence the name Short & Ugly productions that was one the page), with assistance from Thommy Browne, Jamie Miller and Audrey Harrod at various points.

In 2000 Patti Knott offered to assist the site by getting the domain http://www.louisvilleshows.com set up through an associate of hers at a hosting company. A dispute at one point came up about said domain name, the Louisville Music Index then moved back to it's geocities home for a short stint. Eventually Patti agreed to transfer the domain name over to Mike but the hosting company drug it's feet on getting the papaerwork filed. At this point Mike and Jamie decided it would be best to let the domain name expire in, at that point, one week's time and then renew it.

At this point however, Percy Yee (owner of TekWorld), had employed the services of a company to sit and wait for the exact moment the domain name expired and snatch it up in his name. Jamie and Mike then entered, at first, friendly negotiations with Percy to regain the domain name. Percy at first asked to give him time to contemplate the offer, then at last deciding he would not sell us back the domain at any price and redirected it to his website.

At this point Audrey was no longer helping with the site due to burn out, Mike was so drained and disenchanted after the ordeal with Percy and obligations to his band and other projects he unintentionally left a heavy load on Jamie. Jamie eventually burned out too and left. Mike was still part of the site in name only at this point. Mike made several attempts to get the site active again with other assistance. Bringing in Thommy Browne for daily management and being given a beautiful site redesign (that unfortunately never went live) by Justin Kamerer. In 2001 Mike agreed to consolidate the site into a new project known as Louisville Showcase.

People Involved: