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Welcome to the Louisville Hardcore/Punk/Indie Rock History.

YOU add what you want to the history... we'll clean up the mess.

The purpose of this History is to catalog the underground music scenes of Louisville, KY. Regional, smaller areas (insofar as the size of their punk/hc circles) such as Lexington, Evansville are more than welcome to add their information as well. We currently have 3,596 articles for you to expand on and contribute to as is.
Thanks to vandals, spammers, and shady characters, before you edit or add any information, YOU MUST login above (or create an account first). Once you have done that, please head to the Help:Contents page or the Help:Templates to find out what our recomendations are as far as content and formatting. We ask this to help keep track of who edits what and hold everyone accountable for what they submit. If the admins notice entries with misleading information or slanderous material, we will institute a policy where all edits will be moderator approved. And that's just a pain for everyone. Please contact us if you come across bad info.

There are a few admins here that are/have been the main people adding information, and know their way around. Feel free to contact them from the Contact page if you need further help. Thanks!!!

Louisville Bands

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Bands page


Record Labels


Many of these 'zines will be available archived in .pdf form in the near future. They will be marked with a (*).

ISA #6


More flyers available in the LHxC Flyer Archive



Articles About Louisville Punk History/ Punk News clippings


for the new kids...

The Initial Dictionary