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Metroschifter Stats
Metroschifter logo
Record Labels: Slamdek, Initial, Conversion, Doghouse
Started By: Scott Ritcher
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 1800+ people
First show: May 13, 1994 in Paducah, KY
Last show: December 30, 2005 @ The Rudyard Kipling?
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: Lots

"The Metroschifter Capsule", or "Claudia Schiffer's band" as they were known, existed in forms dating from 1995, when Scott Ritcher disappeared to New Mexico with his guitar and a drum machine to at least 2000. they toured the US a couple of times, and made waves in Europe as well.

As of July, 2005, Metroschifter are back together with Ritcher, McClimans and the Hort. They played a comeback show on December 30 at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville.


'Schifter in the LMN
@ Fireside Bowl

There was to be a second coming of the band... named Metroschifter, Too!, where all the members of the 'schifter were to be replaced by new people, and their first show would be opening for Metroschifter's last show. The complete lineup of the new band was to be:




  • Conversion Records - Conversion issued shirt. Names of band members on the front, Illustration from first 12" on the back w/ all the song names, and conversion name. Front | Back -still available from the Metroschifter website
  • Space - off-white shirt w/ Doghouse records logo on back, Metroschifter space logos on front from the Ft. St. Metroschifter album
  • Saftey Matches -still available from the Metroschifter website
  • Megamania -still available from the Metroschifter website
  • Holy Shit! It's Metroschifter! -still available from the Metroschifter website
  • the Moon is Not A Planet -still available from the Metroschifter website