Morning Belle

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Morning Belle Stats
s/t CD cover
Record Labels: Tuck Records
Started By: December '04
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 500+
Last show: August 4th, 2007 (Daydream Fest II)
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members:5 5

Morning Belle was a band made up of ex-members of Kids With Sticks, The Writing Scar, and Stand Down. Emo/Indie/Post-Hardcore band. Has played shows with The Firedbird Band, Bear vs. Shark, Travis Morrison, Nakatomi Plaza, and many others. Always available to play shows. Released a S/T full length recorded with Kevin Ratterman at The Funeral Home. Broke up in Summer of 07 due to stagnation and boredom. Members are in Manhatta and stuff. Members:

First Line-up:

Second Line-up:

Third Line-up:




  • "Raven & Tree" red, black, white t-shirt
  • Red, black, white "tree" sticker
  • "TV" Buttons
  • "Astronaut" Patches

all art done by ray