From Louisville Punk/Hardcore History

NRI Stats
Record Labels: Tuck Records
Based In: Louisville
Largest show: 480+ [paying] people at Crescent Hill Baptist Church on December 10th, 2004.
Last show: May 30, 2005 @ Old Louisville Coffee House
First Show: April 23, 2004 @ Bardstown Road Legion Hall
Number of Members: 4

Alternative/Indie-Punk band consisting of 4 kids from Manual and Eastern.

Last show played at Old Louisville Coffee House on Monday May 30th, 2005. Played many of their past/present songs after a wonderful show with Fuse The Sky, Lemuria, and Rachel Jacobs. Members went on to form August Moon as well as Mountain Asleep.



Other Merch

  • T-shirts (they look like the logo in the chart on your right)

They are on Tuck Records, which Daniel "Zeek" Zarick runs with Will Jones. They are on purevolume and myspace.