Nightmare Music

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Nightmare Music Stats
Nightmaremusic logo.jpg
Started By: Brennan, Logan, and Jordan
Based In: Louisville and Berea
First show: Oct. 15, 2005 in Berea
Number of Members: 2

Formed in 2005. Originally, what was to become Nightmare Music was a solo recording project by the name of Solitary Man. That project was canned when his dog pissed on the recorder. Shit happens. Original bassist, Jordan quit when he moved back to Cincinnati a week before their first show.

Nightmare Music's live show is an experience to say the least. Fire, strobe lights, smoke machines, loads of free t-shirts, and running around like mad men. Brennan once set himself aflame during a show with grind act Genghis Tron. Honestly, can you ask for more than 2 sexy twin brothers acting like chickens with their heads chopped off in a disco? I didn't think so.

Nightmare Music formed in Berea, KY, though Brennan has since moved to Louisville. They've been described as Refused meets Isis meets Converge. They're extremely loud, and heavy. Make your own judgment.

Brennan and Logan were former members of Ashes Hauled, Minus1, and

Brennan from Nightmare Music in a Louisville basement, July '06


Past member:

  • Jordan Hamilton - Bass


  • Countless stencil and spray paint ultra DIY t-shirts given away at shows. Skeletal hands, pistons, etc.