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Nixon Stats
Record Labels: Happy Couples Never Last, Level Plane
Started By: Tony Ash, Doug Walker
Based In: Louisville
First show: August 2004
Largest show: app. 300 people
Last show: N/A
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 6

The roots of NIXON were established in April of 2004 when Tony Ash, Doug Walker, and Brian Foor began sporadically getting together to play music in the practice space shared by their then current bands, The Royalty and Tyrone. After several such occasions, it started to become clear that this new project was more fun and more satisfying than the other bands. The Royalty fell by the wayside and dissolved soon after, while Brian apparently decided to quit Tyrone. It wasn't long before Matt Haas was approached to fill the vocal slot (he had never sung in a band worth anything at this point). Around the same time, Matt Jaha, Tony's Coliseum bandmate, expressed interest in playing guitar. After three shows, Brian decided NIXON was not in his future. Within a month, Eric McManus, formerly of Philadelphia's Lickgoldensky, decided it was his position.

With the new lineup set, the band started booking shows while awaiting Eric's move to Kentucky. He came down several weekends for practice and shows and all was good. The band wrote new material during this period and after Eric finally arrived and recorded with Chris Owens in early 2005. After reaching a deal with Indianapolis' Happy Couples Never Last records, a full length CD was set to be released.

A year later, and after the rate of shows has gone down some, the CD is finally out and available at the increasing number of shows, Ear X-Tacy, and (presumably) from the HCNL website.

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Members: Lineup 1:

Lineup 2:




  • "Cassette" t-shirts: White cassette with unspooled orange tape, and "NIXON" in white.
  • "Cassette" hooded sweatshirts: Very limited run, available in black, red, gray, and maroon.
  • "Tube Amp" t-shirts