Noise Pollution

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Noise Pollution has been an anchor for many Louisville bands and projects over the years. Starting off as Shakin' Shelia Records, they put out great releases from Month of Sundays and Union, and as NP, have pushed even greater releases such as the entire Red Sun catalog and the yearly Southend Show compilations.

Those involved:


Noise01: In Native Soil
Noise02: Sean Garrison - Bid Them Achieve Me
Noise03: Out. - Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Songs
Noise04: Itch House - The Coin Has Two Faces 7"
Noise05: Red Sun - Self Titled CD
Noise06: Ousia - Self Titled 7"
Noise07: Out. - Low Rent Rock N Roll 7"
Noise08: Bodyhammer - Live
Noise09: Panure - Self Titled CD
Noise10: Bodyhammer - Die Young Amplifiers
Noise 10.5: Black Flag - The Past Four Weeks
Noise11: Blacklisted - Screamin' At The Walls
Noise12: The Fuse - Practice
Noise13: S.A. Garrison & D. Luke - Saved By The Great Yellow Bird
Noise14: Red Sun - Live from the Southend
Noise15: Red Sun - Wired
Noise16: Panure - Pearls Before Swine
Noise17: Chroma - 16mm
Noise18: Sensory Overload
Noise19: Noise Pollution Halloween
Noise20: Chroma - Cafe Transmission And Spiritual Repair
Noise21: Tyrone - Numinous
Noise22: VRKTM/Lucky Pineapple Split 7"
Noise24: VRKTM - Excess/Defect
Noise25: Tyrone - Get The Spirit Before The Spirit Gets You
Noise26: Kangaroo - Lull EP
Noise27: The Teeth - In Minutes
Noise28: Lucky Pineapple - The Bubble Has Burst In Sky City
Noise29: Venus Trap - The Key
Noise30: Minnow - Thirteen Wrongs
Noise31: The Teeth - Clatter & Jive 7"
Noise32: Straight A's - Self Titled 7"
Noise33: Evergreen - Wholeness Of The Soul
Noise34: Metroschifter - Carbonistas
Noise35: Second Story Man - Screaming Secrets
Noise36: Brett Eugene Ralph's Kentucky Chrome Revue
Noise37: Chime Hours - Self Titled EP
Noise38: Black Box
Noise39: The Web - Clydotorous Scrotodhendron
Noise40: Straight A's - Self Help
Noise41: The Glasspack/Trophy Wives Split 7"
Noise42: Cerebellum - Self Titled LP
Noise43: Minnow - Hello Hubris
Noise44: Hal Dolls - Bipolaroid
Noise45: Shipping News - One Less Heartless To Fear
Noise46:Straight A's / Prideswallower Split 7"
Noise47: Rude Weirdo - Self Titled 7"