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Small coffee place located on the corner of 4th and Hill. Offered up for 10% of the door, while they supply their own PA... It's small, but you really can't beat it. They indulged in shows throughout late 2004 and early/mid 2005, stopped for a while, then picked back up in a much diminished capacity in late '05/early '06. This did not last long however, as immediately after the start of the new year, a new neighbor moved in across the alley and began complaining. Not so much about the noise, but about all the people hanging around. The Coffee house was persistently visited by police until a court date was set oover the matter, with tOLCH losing and stopping shows.

Local bands to play there

Out Of Town Bands To Play There

  • 3 Inches of Blood
  • Lemuria
  • Frame
  • Sparrows, Swarm and Sing
  • Rachel Jacobs
  • Ben Traughber
  • Marathon
  • Defiance, Ohio
  • Del Cileo
  • Sinking Ships
  • Foxhole
  • No Idols