Olympus Mons

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Emotional punk rock for people with heart.

Members: (first lineup 2002 - 2004)

(second lineup 2004 - 2005)


  • In a Rainstorm. CD (self released, demo, 50 copies made) 2002
  • A Battle of Syntax. CD (self released, 100 copies made with hand-made packaging) 2003
  • Split 7" w/ Dawn Bleeds East. 7" (Never released) 2004
  • On This Day, The Earth Will Stand Still. CD (self released, limited edition ep featuring a song from DBE 7" session, 50 copies made) 2005
  • iiii Idvs Octorbris. CD (self released, limited edition complete discography, 20 hand numbered copies made) 2005


  • Central Kentucky Hellfest Comp

Last Show:

  • April 29th - Quest Community Church w/ And Bullets Fall, Leave it at the Door, Her Dying Wish.

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Website: http://www.myspace.com/olympusmons