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Ousia Stats
Record Labels: Noise Pollution
Started By: Ryan & Rob
Based In: Louisville
Largest show:  ?
Last show:  ?
Reunion show: N/A
Number of Members: 6

Ousia was formed in the Spring of 1998 by Ryan Stratton and Rob Pennington. Shortly thereafter, they picked up Joe Burden on guitar and Jason Balicki on drums. They played their first show at the 37 Center in Lexington, KY in August 1998. Ryan left to go to school in New York soon after. When Ryan returned to town for the Thanksgiving holiday, Ousia took the opportunity to record three songs with Will Hancock at The Mercury Paw Lounge. Ryan took the tracks back to New York and finished work on them there. Ousia played their first Louisville show at a house party on New Year’s Eve with Jay Palumbo playing as a guest on second guitar. They released their three song seven inch on Noise Pollution in January 1999 and went on an eight day tour in the Spring of 1999 hitting major cities in the North East United States and Canada. When Ryan returned to Louisville in the Summer of 2000, he and Rob had to assemble a new lineup as Joe and Jason were unavailable. Their friends Greg Livingston and Thommy Browne joined on guitar and drums respectively. They played in Louisville over the Summer and recorded the bass and drum tracks for a full length album with Kevin Ratterman. Ryan returned to New York that Fall and the band has been inactive since.